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It's not easy being a caul bearer.  Painful images and messages hover, pester and persist.  It's been happening since you were a small child and sometimes you feel like you will lose your mind.  If you share what you see, people think you're weird, crazy or possessed by the devil.  So you hold it all inside. discover alcohol elixirs and drugs to swallow or smoke.  For a while you finally escape from the fear and chaos.  But the voices and visions always come back and the dark pain becomes worse.  The downward spiral has begun and you want something better....and there is something just need to tap into it....

Your Guardians - What You Need to Know

Here's what you already know:  There are a litany of entities, apparitions and foreboding messages that make themselves very apparent to you.  There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to any of it and nobody seems to be there to help you or protect you from it all.

Here's what you may not know:  There is help at hand, just waiting for you to ask.  Rude and intrusive spirits have selfish intentions...they want your attention.  They aren't thinking about the affect they might have on you...all they know is that they need to get through...and you are the portal. 

Well, just because you are a portal by no means defines you as an open dumping ground for negativity.  You are bestowed with your own personal Guides and Guardians of the Highest Healing Light. You may or may not have seen one or two...if you have, you probably wouldn't know them from all of the other intrusions you experience daily.  Every human being on the planet has these Guardians.  Most will never know that they are there, just like you.  But...the great news is that you have the ability to see them and talk to them whenever you are in need of help or protection.  Anybody can talk to them...but you get to see them...or worst case, feel them.

Here is a bit of important information to understand.  When we are children, and we are alone and afraid, we either consciously or unconsciously cry out for help.  There are bad entities, clueless entities and good entities always present to come to our their own ways of course.  Some have your best interest at heart, some have their own at heart.  If you are not specific when you ask for help, you might have invited some bad guys into your camp.  This is not your could you know?  Such rouge characters are not good for anyone, but it can be particularly bad news for a caul bearer.  So...if you may have unwittingly and innocently invited some unsavory spirit into your circle, it's just as easy to tell them to leave.  Without fear...with authority, tell them to scram and not to come back.  I have included a wonderful link for help with removing entities if you feel you need it.

Contacting Your Guides and Guardians of the Highest Healing Light now you know that they are do you make contact with them?  Your Guardians are highly respectful of you and your wishes.  The won't intrude on your space unless you ask them to.  They may have shown up for you just to let you know that they are there, but have gone unrecognized.  It's okay, though.  All happens in due time.  We are here to learn and grow...and develop our gifts the best we can.  You can't hurt your Guardian's feelings.  They understand you completely!

There are a number of ways to reach your Guardians.  Here is a list...make attempts and see which one works best for you.  Remember, we all have our unique gifts so what works for me might not work for you.  Options are wonderful things!

»»Get really quiet and simply ask for their presence:  "I am calling upon my Guides and Guardians of the Highest Healing Light.  I want to know you and recognize you, by sight or by feel...Please be present for me."

Be open and you will feel or see one or more.  You've got lots.  Some will be human -- pretty or ugly -- we don't judge.  Some may be aliens, strange beings but lovely in their own right.  Some may be animals and some will be angels.  But when you call upon them specifically, nobody else can show up.  You are in control more than you may realize at times.  It's easy to tell when you've made contact with them...they feel like the warmth of Home, filled with love, caring and unfaltering understanding.  It's beautiful!

~Contact a reputable Spirit Medium - some can be pretty darn good.

~Contact a reputable person who does Angel Readings.  You will at least get to know who your Major Angel Guide is, and maybe more.

Utilizing Your Guardians

So, now you are engaged with your Guides!  Now what?

Simply put....put them to work!  It's what they are with you for, and long to do.  They want to help and protect you and they need for you to ask them.

When you are feeling bombarded or harassed by too much at once, or feel dark forces or entities encroaching on your space, call a time out, and ask your Guides to assist you in sorting it all out.  In expelling the darkness and giving clarity where it is needed.  It may seem awkward at first, because you have become accustomed to trying to cope alone.  It may seem strange to allow somebody else to take on your burdens when you have believed they were yours alone to bear.  But let go, and trust the help.  You need and deserve it!

Dark Forces


In our teen years, most of us have dabbled with Ouija Boards and séances.  This is not a good idea for anyone, as it is an irresponsible use of spiritual connecting and will nearly always invite dark spirits or demonic entities into your circle.  For a caul bearer, this is particularly dangerous because your open door is highly enhanced and amplifies energies. 

When you have invited dark forces into your field, you will be more drawn to negativity and will be a magnet for dark and negative entities.  Cleansing your space is essential for your own health and well being.  Your Guardians are happy to do this...but you have to ask.  They don't tamper with your actions without your permission...or rarely do.

Taking Responsibility

Even with help, living life as a caul bearer is a different and difficult way to live.  Everyone is responsible for their lives, and most people have things that are hard to deal with.  It's all a matter of perspective. Life always looks better when you aren't the one living it, especially when average people seem so unburdened.  But don't be fooled into thinking that your life would be better if you weren't a caul bearer.  You don't know that.  Just think of all of the average people out there who wish they could do what you do.  Nobody's life is a picnic!

The younger you are, the harder it is to be alone with the demands being put on you.  However, asking for help from either other caul bearers or your Guides and Guardians isn't meant to be a pity party.  Whining and wallowing in fear and despair never helped anyone or any situation.  Rising up to meet your responsibilities is an act of maturity and self respect.  It is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

If you are affiliated with a religious belief system that puts you in a box and forbids you to truly be yourself...rethink it.  Our creator wants us to be our best selves, not to feel damned.  Be good to yourself and honor who you are.  If this upsets the apple cart, then so be it.  You are not here to please other people, be they family members or friends, by doing their bidding.  You are not a puppet.  You are here to raise the earth's vibrations, and this is about you!

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