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"I am a person of reasonable faith....but in my faith I see; I am not blind."

-Shannon Lee Wolf


Caul bearers are not:

~Lucky.  In general, caul bearers tend to have horrible luck.  "En caul" birth folk, however, seem to lead pretty happy lives.

~born to be royalty or singlehanded saviors

~destined to become the property of a cult

~destined to fall under any type of human leadership or control

~bound by a predestined life or death

~doomed to a life of darkness or cold intellect

~condemned for their sexual orientation

~in danger of becoming

     -a vampire

     -a witch

     -a werewolf

     -owned or controlled by any type of philosophy



The Search For Truth


"We are all still believers; the difference lies in what we believe, and why."

-Thomas R. Forbes 

The forces of the "dark and light", "good and evil", "Yin and Yang", "God and the devil" have been universally understood since the dawn of man.  It is said that portions of both dwell within each human being, and that we are each and all provided with free will and choice of which direction to lean toward.  The way of the light, or the way of the darkness.  Many believe that there is a constant battle between the two.

What would we do with our gifts, talents, and natural abilities?  Why and for whom do we reach for our personal purpose?  What lies within our hearts and minds that lead us one way or another?  And what of the mind, the heart, and the soul?  In what force do we trust to guide us and nurture the very meaning of our existence?  When we pray or ask for assistance from a higher power, in which area do we feel the answers manifesting?  For most, we would say..."I felt it in my gut", "It was a feeling", or it was "a quiet message", a "vision", "a knowing." 

This "knowing" is not a knowing of the mind, but an upward trickling instinct felt in the solar plexus -- which is said to be the house of our spirit, or soul.  It is nearly impossible to confuse this with the intrusive thoughts of the mind, or "ego".  When the ego leads us it is almost certain to be misguiding....our left brain hemisphere where "logic" is formed is the place of the ego.  Ego alone, without the influence of "spirit" is by nature where a sense of "power" or "mastery" is formed.  When we operate on this energy, our gut feelings are overwhelmed, diminished, unheard.  Lost to feelings of mastery. 

Innumerable religions, cults, and philosophies have been a part of the human search for redemption, comfort, understanding, and connection with our individual and collective purpose since mankind's awareness of self has been in existence.  As caul bearers and Star Children, our  openness of spirit, awareness of our Source....of connection with universal love and wisdom that defines our purpose...defines the way we direct our energies.

At Caul Bearers United, we welcome those who understand their dedication to the light.  We embrace our kindred spirits here, we learn and grow with each other, and our gratitude radiates unstoppably through the atmosphere.  We endorse no particular cults, religions, or philosphies.

If you were born with the caul and seek your true "cauling", know that you have choices.  Know that you are not predestined for cults or philosophies unbefitting to your spirit.  If you are a caul bearer who yearns to find a place of light to call home...then look no are here!                                            





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