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Being a caul bearer is laden with responsibilities and say the least.  Living with the precious gifts we wish to so freely give, and facing rejection from those we know need it the most is devastating.  Being tormented and frequently startled by unexpected apparitions...being handed the job of letting the world know what it will be facing in the future....being bombarded with horrible events that other people have faced in their lives, or the horrific crimes they have committed, is a burden that the masses will never be able to perceive.  Never mind seeing bad things happening to loved ones and having to hold it back for fear of their reactions...this can break a person down.  Such amazing strength it takes to be a caul bearer.  You can see so clearly into other people's hearts and souls...yet they are completely cut off from understanding yours. does one cope with such heaviness and pain?  From what I've experienced, there is:


*Running away 


*Substance abuse


Are these suitable coping mechanisms for such tender souls? 

Not suitable at all.  In fact, they are devastating.  Dear souls, we must raise our standards of self treatment.  We must be educated on options and choices.  We must balance ourselves and treat ourselves as we would treat others.  We must take care.

It will amaze and delight you what will begin to happen in your life once you light up the center of your being.  Things will begin to happen for will surrender yourself to the waves of people and places beginning to find you; people and places you have been searching so hard for, will simply show up.  People you were meant to assist, heal or fall in love with...but as life as a caul bearer goes, probably all three at once!  Places you were meant to be will open up available spaces for you.  Your heart will become light and you will begin to move away from struggle into acceptance and gratitude.  Life will get easier and more joyful.  The world awaits your brilliant and vibrant being!

Guides and Guardians of the Highest Healing Light

Nothing is more important than opening up connections with your Guardians.  They can cleanse your space and offer guidance, assistance and keep you protected from unsavory characters.  Please see the Your Guardians page for more detailed information.

Other Caul Bearers

If you've made it here, you are home.  Sharing your stories will boost your self esteem, break your sense of isolation, raise your vibrations and give you strength.  It will nurture your soul.  We need each other to enhance our spirits so that we can shine and reverberate our healing energy into the earth and atmosphere. This is how we reach the masses!  People who need your help will simply show up in your life, just because "something told them to contact you."  No more banging your head against the wall trying to convince your neighbor, co-worker or family member that they need check their basement for toxic fumes, or not to drive down a certain road at a certain time.  You won't need to chase anybody down...if they need you they will find you.  Just let go and let it happen.

Become a Member and join Caul Bearers United.  It's free and it's private to talk openly with somebody who understands. 


Bask in it.  It will cleanse you and open up your senses to feel goodness.  Is there nothing like feeling the earth beneath your feet and breathing the freshness of country air?  Birds singing, chipmunks chittering, critters rustling around in the underbrush.  The breeze caressing leafy branches against the sky.  Snowy drifts collecting against frozen grasses.  Waves crashing, water trickling, and stones clacking together.  Whether it's woodlands or the seaside, be where you are free to be you.


Express Yourself!


One of the best ways to not only release what you hold inside, but to share with the world in non-invasive or threatening ways is through the arts.   Show the world what beauty you are made of!  Or you can keep just do it for yourself - it's wonderful!  You don't have to have training - chances are you have natural talents for expression.  There are so many types of media to dabble with:

~Visual  Arts

     *Drawing -- This is a good outlet because it requires little cash.  All   you need is some paper, any kind will do, and something that will make marks.  Pencil, pen, charcoal, chalk, crayons, markers, pastels, lipstick...whatever you find around the house.  You can create realism or avant garde works.  You are the master!

     *Painting -- This is another good one -- you don't need fancy oil paints, acrylics or canvases.  You will need some good paper stock though (or some kind of flat stone) - one that will hold up to liquid, and you will need some kind of brush, which could be your fingers, a toothbrush, a rag, a bit of sponge, or even a carved potato used as a stamp!  You will need paint of course --  water colors, tempera paint, finger paint, house paint...what ever you have or can buy cheaply.  Go for whatever floats you boat.

     *Collage --  I love collage, because it's almost free.  Get a bunch of used magazines (maybe you or your friends have some saved up, or you can find them here and there -- some recycling places have a special bin for them; some libraries have a "free" shelf) and cut out pictures, phrases, or letters and arrange them on a sheet of paper or some kind of board.  You can cut or tear the images and paste them up any way you like.  I highly recommend making a vision board...see what magic you can create in your life!

     *Photography -- These days, taking and tweaking professional looking pictures is pretty easy, and displaying them online is a breeze.  All you need is a digital camera and a computer with some kind of photo shop installed.  If you have some cash to lay out, you can invest in a single lens camera, which allows you to be creative with the affects.  It's supremely fun, but can get expensive.

     *Ceramics -- Play with clay!  You can use water based clays that can be air or kiln dried, or denser oil based clays that will hold their shape, but can be mashed down and used again.  Some art schools will let you use their kilns as long as the are not being used by students.  There is also Sculpy III that is oven baked.  Get your hands dirty and play!

     *Sculpture -- Massive or miniature, sculpture is great because the sky's the limit.  You can use anything from paper to clay, to wood to metal, and anything in between.  Glue, nails, sewing needles, or welding.  Stuff from your basement or sewing basket, kitchen drawers or scrap yards.  Objects from nature -- drift wood, shells, bones and stones.  Feathers, bark, and twigs.  If it has form, you can build something with it.  Indoor or outdoor creations.

 ~Writing (Dear heart, you have stories to tell!)

     *Poetry -- Dark or delicate, you've got prose in your soul.  Let the poems come through.  They can rhyme or not. They can be rich and embroidered or simple haiku.  You might even have a whole book of them inside of you!

     *Creative Writing -- Write your life.  Your personal stories are compelling -- share them.  An autobiography or in novel format, telling your tale is incredibly healing.  Have so much to say, but not so much a talent for writing?  Scoop up a ghost writer or a co-writer and work with them.  This is something that is a personal interest of mine...I wrote and indie published my novel, Dover Graye, and I am currently co-writing one of our Caul Bearer members autobiography.  Writing is my greatest love -- combining it with Caul Bearers expressions is heaven, and my greatest joy.

There are many more art-forms -- too many to list here.  Find what suits your soul and dig in.  It is so cathartic and can be shared in so many ways.  Your medium awaits you!


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