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Traits of a Caul Bearer

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This is a list of the most common traits or gifts among caul bearers.  Some may possess all of these traits, others a combination of particular traits.  I have gathered these traits from both caul bearers I have interviewed and from other sources.


~Possess a healing touch 

~Possess a natural ability to perform Remote Healings

~Strong empathic abilities

~Is a protector or guide

~Sense of urgency to save the world - often "before it's too late"

~Are increasingly frustrated with the ignorance of the masses, and long for meaningful conversations

~Highly sensitive, intuitive and perceptive - sometimes unnervingly so 

~Have vivid memories of past lives or the ability to approach unfamiliar tasks with ease

~Frequent deja vu

~Strong and recurring visions of the future of mankind

~A catalyst for any number of things such as change or connecting other Caul Bearers with each other

~Invoke very strong positive or negative responses in people - sometimes perfect strangers - often  children and animals 

~Prophetic or precognitive dreams and visions - often frightening

 ~Possess telepathic abilities

~Psychic or clairvoyant type abilities 

~See entities -- VOIDS or "soul catchers" (see description in the Forums), ghosts, spirits, energy imprints, angels, demons, and the wee folk

~Can See auras 

~Strong connection with animals and nature

~Natural leader, but a supportive follower

~Feel overwhelmed in crowds and often prefer to be alone

~Have difficulty connecting with money, often experiencing various stages of poverty

~Have frequent nose bleeds

~A tendency for alcoholism or drug abuse


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