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When I developed this site, it was specifically to validate caul bearers...their gifts, their pain, their trials in this life.  To offer them their own special place of support and healing.  But...

There are others among us...

Caul bearers have incarnated since time teach, to bare messages, to bring the "other side" a little closer to this one.  They are prone to facing the darker side of life, while their spirits are of the light...and desire to teach the light.

Caul bearers have, until now, been nearly alone in their mission of peace and understanding...of battling the darkness for the sake of the light.  But being born these last 40 years or so....and increasingly more frequently, are the Star Children.  No longer are caul bearers alone.  Our strength is enhanced, dear ones, by a growing number of souls incarnating to aid in the changing of the guards on earth.

What they face are nearly the same challenges that caul bearers face....however, as time marches on, these warrior children will gain in numbers and in their power to change the darker forces grip on mankind will also expand.

This doesn't mean, however, that the darkness will welcome, nor have they ever welcomed, the bringers of the light.

These upcoming generations of Light Workers are facing a devastating rebuttal to their arrival.  And the more they arrive, the more heavily they will be opposed.

These children, just like caul bearers, are different.  They know things, see things, and feel things that ordinary people don't.  The major difference in these two types of Light Workers is the feel of their presence.  Caul bearer children have a strange, unnerving presence...while Star Children are pleasant and radiant beings.  Though Star Children are very sensitive just as caul bearer children, they do have an advantage of giving off a welcoming energy.  But, even still...they will unwittingly provoke a strong response in people who are not of the light, and are capable of being deeply hurt, and may end up loners, just the same.

As Light Workers grow in numbers, there are increasing means of snuffing out these children's light...and this is where parents need to pay very careful attention to "labels" created by the educational and medical industry...with a litany of medications to match.  Those who don't fit the mold will be singled out as intolerable misfits.

These children are diagnosed with "syndromes" like ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, Asperger's Syndrome (a type of "autism") Sensory Processing Disorders.....and I expect some new ones yet to come.  

Parents will be increasingly pressured to drug their Star Children, and will be convinced that more and more vaccines are needed "for the child's own good" -- even upon birth.  Do not believe this dear ones.  A drugged and toxified Star Child will lose their light...their force, their power.  What a heartbreaking picture this is!


Identifying Your Star Child

 When I was researching Star Children to create this page, I came across this gorgeous site, created by author, Nikki Pattillo.  Her descriptions of the 3 types of Star Children; the Indigo, the Crystal, and the Rainbow on her site was so perfectly put together, that I decided to link to it...and so below are her pages, left as is.  Thank you, Nikki!

Star Children





Star Children, Psychiatry, and Medicine

 The dangers of psychiatry with caul bearer and Star children is very real.  They can be diagnosed with schizophrenia due to their "imaginary friends" and be heavily drugged -- just for their ability to see and talk to their spirit guides.  As their parents, you must develop the ability to key into your child's behavior to understand which of the spirit guides they talk to are of the Highest Healing Light, and which are not.  This can only be done if you are willing to listen to and believe what your child is telling you. The guides that have a negative affect on your child must be told to leave and not come back.  Your child must be taught that they have control over who they let into their lives, whether they are in human form or spirit form.


I felt compelled to add in a few sample videos displaying the means the darker forces will take to disengage children of the Light.  I warn you that they are disturbing....but they are important, informative devices.  Forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes...  If we don't know, we can't defend ourselves.

The following is a link to a video of a caul bearer or Star Child who has clearly been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia.  Her parents are loving, well intentioned people who have unfortunately handed their child's mental and emotional health over to "professionals" rather than trusting their own instincts.

Young Schizophrenic at Her Mind's Mercy


The following video is the admission in a press conference that ADD and ADHD are not "disorders" or "diseases" and in fact, do not exist.  That they are diagnoses for children who are "different", "stand out" and are "annoying" to their parents and teachers, and are thereby drugged for easier control.



Before vaccinating your child, gather all of the information that you can on what is in these vaccines.  Don't ever rely upon what your doctor or nurse practitioner tells you.  Read sources created by alternative medicine practitioners....who do not get monetary rewards for forcing vaccines and medications on you and your child.  Learn how to keep your child healthy with diet and outdoor exercise....probiotics, washing hands, and getting plenty of rest.  If possible, home-school your child or children.  Protect them...they are the portal to our future.

CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger AutismDh-nkD5LSIg


→Vaccinated By Force, NOW AUTISTIC←


I researched critical parts of the following video, and I was stunned to discover that it all checked out.  Please contact your local schools and ask if "Death Education" and "Invented Spelling" are a part of your child's curriculum.


Psychology & Indoctrination for the Destruction of Critical Thinking 

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