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Shedding light upon the mysterious gifts of the caul bearer is something that shouldn't be met with dead ends.  I'm asked a lot of questions about being a caul bearer.  Since most caul bearers don't have anyone that they can really talk to, even the simplest questions remain unanswered. 

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. 

Q: I'm a caul bearer and am fully in touch with my gifts...whether I want them or not.  I'm compelled to heal the world, but people are afraid of me...what do I do?

A: This is one of the most painful things about being a caul bearer.  You show up as your beautiful, loving self...ready to touch the needy and bring light to the souls trapped in darkness.  To warn a friend, family member or a complete stranger that something bad is about to happen to them, and how to avoid it.  To warn the masses of disasters coming in the near future.  To remove the pain from ill or injured.  The psychically blind and the ignorant all desperately need you and you are ready to fulfill your calling.  You lovingly approach, and much to your surprise, they recoil in horror!  Such a shock to the delicate system it is to be rejected, bullied and labeled as "weird." 

You bring out the very best, or the very worst in people just by showing up.  It's confusing, demeaning and disheartening, to say the least.  The way you are handled as a child can make or break your spirit, and there is nothing sadder than a devastated caul bearer child.  They become more and more remote, become disengaged, and wish to die -- or as some may attest to...tearfully long to go "home".  Many caul bearers, unable to cope with the pain, turn to drugs and alcohol early in life. Many contemplate or attempt suicide. Some seek or are put into psychiatric care, are labeled schizophrenic and are committed or drugged.  It's truly heartbreaking.

So, dear is what you do.  You actively seek other caul bearers to communicate and share with.  (I have added a couple of forums where you can vent to or help other caulbearers on the Links for the Weary Soul page or you can contact me through this site.) I can't stress it enough!  Even if you have a parent or friend to talk to, there is only so much they can bear to hear.  The apparitions you see, the frightening spirits that tell you things or haunt you.  Horrifying stories of abuse, neglect and self hatred. You need an need lots of outlets.  You need nature....this is so important.  Nature doesn't judge or punish you.  You are closer to nature than the average person and are generally drawn to it, because it cleanses you.  Seek out a place in the woods or near a body of water that is clear of negative energies and lost souls and just be there.  Talk to God, whatever that means to you.  Ask for strength and guidance.  Love yourself.


Q: "I seem to have the gifts of a caul bearer, but nobody ever told me that I was born with the caul.  Is there a way to find out?"

A: The answer is "maybe."  There are a lot of unfortunate stigmas surrounding the caul.  Sometimes a mother is afraid to tell their child because she fears that the caul is a sign of the devil or some such thing.  But for her, the fear is real and respecting this is important.  But your knowing who you are is just as when the time feels right, ask.  She might tell you, and she might not.  Just read her and you will know.

Another issue is that some hospitals (such as military hospitals) don't recognize cauls so they will discard it and not tell the mother.  In this case, she wouldn't know whether you are or you aren't.

This one may be far fetched, but it's something to try.  Call the hospital you were born in and ask if they keep records of such things.  You never know!

If you can't find an answer, ask another caulbearer what their read is on you...a caul bearer can usually recognize another caul bearer.

If you weren't born with the veil and you have the gifts of a caul bearer your gifts are just as real as a caul bearers would be.  You might be a Star Child or an Earth Angel.  In any case...honor your gifts and reach out for communication.  We all need each other!


Q: "Sometimes I seriously question my sanity.  Could I be crazy?"

A: No, I seriously doubt it....but, here is the most important aspect of the question.  You asked it!  If you question your sanity, you are perfectly sane.  The truly sanity challenged do and say things that imply that they are the center of the universe, Saviours of sorts.  They are firmly convinced that they alone are privy to all of the secrets of life and the rest of the world needs them for redemption.

Here's the thing about sanity.  The people who defined "sane" in the most basic sense, and the masses that fit comfortably in that box, are afflicted with an unfortunate blindness that they are unaware of.  If you can see what they are blind to, that essentially makes you more sane than they are.  So relax and bask in your super-sanity...and try to be patient with the masses.  They know not what they do.


Q: "I'm a caul bearer and I don't want these afflictions.  To me, they aren't gifts.  Can I get rid of them?"

A:  It's completely understandable why you wouldn't want to bear the burdens and demands put on your shoulders.  It's overwhelming at times and the isolation can make you extremely depressed.  Sometimes it just seems easier to think about living a normal life, having a normal social life and finding interest in what the average person finds entertaining or substantial.

Having said that, you can work your tail off trying to block out what you don't want coming in.  To close the door and just feel the silence.  And to some degree, you can. will never be average.  You can never be something that you aren't.  You can pose and try to imitate the lives of the masses.  But, to quote Cyn from the movie "Working Girl",  "Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear. Doesn't make me Madonna."

Being your authentic self is damn hard.  I won't try and convince you otherwise.  I won't preach to you and tell you that you are lucky to be given the chance to help raise the vibrations of the world...that won't make you like the turmoil you are feeling.  All I can say is that I am here to give you support and try and make life a little nicer for you.  It's all I can do.  (Please see the Your Guardians might help a little.)

Q: "I am a caul bearer, but so far I am not in touch with my gifts.  How do I discover them?"

A.  I am finding this question to be coming up more frequently lately.  And it's a great one!

Caul bearer gifts don't always surface immediately, and always, they come with a very deep understanding of who you are.  If for varying reasons in your life, you have been blocked from knowing who you are, it may take some time, some courage, and lots of patience and letting go of old beliefs about yourself for your gifts to surface.  At times it may be difficult, but that's okay.  Just let me know, that's why I'm here.

Here are some very key questions that will help you to get further in touch with yourself and your gifts.  Take as much time answering them as you need, it may take some thoughtful introspection.  Answer honestly and completely.  

1. Do you feel different than other people? 
2. Do you find people feeling unnerved by your presence?  If so, why might this be?

3. Do you see things in people that appear to be something other than how they outwardly present themselves? 
4. Are you uncomfortable looking into people's eyes?
5. As a child, how did other children respond to you?
6. As a child, how did your parents respond to you?

7. Did you ever have an "imaginary friend"?

 Again, please take your time answering these questions.  Don't worry about your answers being too long - the more details, the better!  The answers may not come to you may need to sit with them, mull them over, observe yourself throughout the day or even the week.  It's okay...there's no rush in getting to know the real you!   

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