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Traits of a Caul Bearer Child

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Children who are born with the caul are bestowed with many gifts that at times will feel more like afflictions.  They are seers, clairvoyants, and healers.  But, these gifts come with many traits that will make them seem...well...odd.  Here are some traits to watch for in your caul bearer child.  Be ready...they will truly need you!

Caul bearer children are strange and stand out as quiet, with an unnerving presence.  They will tell you that they see ghosts or have "imaginary friends."  These "friends" may be humans, animals, angels, or numbers.  (Numbers are nothing more than the equivalent of energy sequences that can take the form of digits and/or colors.)  They will in all seriousness relate to you details of previous incarnations.  They will blurt out precognitions.  Or they will make you feel as if, in complete silence, they know your deepest darkest secrets.  They have a great love for humanity but possess an air of otherworldliness that tends to repel other children...and adults.  They become awkward adults who tend to spend most of their time alone...while painfully compelled to heal the world. 

The raising of a caul bearer child holds challenges beyond what any parent would consider "normal" or "routine".  Personality clashes will happen in any parent/child relationship, envelopes will be pushed, and boundaries tested.  However...when your child is a caul've got challenges which shift your limits past the ordinary, and into the extraordinary.

Your child will have a very odd relationship with their surroundings.  Ordinary things will seem foreign to them...and random or extraordinary things will be comforting or seem familiar.  They understand people in ways that you, your peers and your child's peers or siblings don't.  They may habitually stare at friends and strangers alike, which in most cultures is considered to be rude, and in fact unsettling. But for the caul bearer child, it is their means of "reading people"...i.e. getting to know them.  I mean really getting to know them.  This is largely unsettling because most people don't want to be understood in such depth.  They hide their true selves...maybe it's because they are protecting vulnerable parts of themselves that have suffered great damage; or maybe they hide their secret darkness behind a friendly facade, and being exposed is their greatest fear.  But, your caul bearer child doesn't stand to judge other human beings...all they know is what they were born with.  The ability to "see".  If they are to grow up to be healthy adults, they must be afforded the right to be themselves.  Just like any other child.  A caul bearer child should never be pushed into could a therapist understand what they can see...never mind how it makes them feel?  They already know that they are different...they need to know that it's fact it's wonderful.  And they need to know that you have their back -- because if you don't, who else will?

Caul Bearer Children, Psychiatry, and Medicine


The dangers of psychology with caul bearer and Star children is very real.  They can be diagnosed with schizophrenia due to their "imaginary friends" and heavily drugged -- just for their ability to see and talk to their spirit guides. 

As their parents, you must develop the ability to key into your child's behavior to understand which of the spirit guides they talk to are of the Highest Healing Light, and which are not.  The ones that have a negative affect on your child must be told to leave and not come back.  Your child must be taught that they have control over who they let into their lives, whether they are in human form, spirit form or any other form.


I felt compelled to add in a few sample videos displaying the means the darker forces will take to disengage children of the Light.  I warn you that they are disturbing....but they are important, informative devices.  Forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes...  If we don't know, we can't defend ourselves.




The following is a link to a video of a caul bearer or Star Child who has clearly been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia.  Her parents are loving, well intentioned people who have unfortunately handed their child's mental and emotional health over to "professionals" rather than trusting their own instincts.

→Young Schizophrenic at Her Mind's Mercy

The following video is the admission in a press conference that ADD and ADHD are not "disorders" or "diseases" and in fact, do not exist.  That they are diagnoses for children who are "different", "stand out" and are "annoying" to their parents and teachers, and are thereby drugged for easier control.



Before vaccinating your child, gather all of the information that you can on what is in these vaccines.  Don't ever rely upon what your doctor or nurse practitioner tells you.  Read sources created by alternative medicine practitioners....who do not get monetary rewards for forcing vaccines and medications on you and your child.  Learn how to keep your child healthy with diet and outdoor exercise....probiotics, washing hands, and getting plenty of rest.  If possible, home-school your child or children.  Protect them...they are the portal to our future.

CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger AutismDh-nkD5LSIg


→Vaccinated By Force, NOW AUTISTIC←



I researched critical parts of the following video, and it all checked out.  Please contact your local schools and ask if "Death Education" and "Invented Spelling" are a part of your child's curriculum.


Psychology & Indoctrination for the Destruction of Critical Thinking



Raising a Caul Bearer Child


When individuals feel exposed by the seeing eyes of a caul bearer child or adult, the response can be a feeling of threat.  The natural response to feeling threatened is to either remove the threat, or protect oneself from the threat, which puts your child in harms way.  So....

As a parent of a caul bearer, you have been blessed with the responsibility of protecting your child from harm coming to them by people who feel exposed, or threatened by their presence.  Even if it's you or your spouse who are feeling threatened.   Such a paradox this is...and requires a sometimes painful awakening within yourself...a humbling, of sorts.  A sense of surrender....of letting go and either loving who you are, or making some major shifts in the way that you perceive yourself.  Your caul bearer child has arrived to teach you, to heal you, to reward you with a sense of peace and belonging.  But they need your help.

Caul bearer children are deeply sensitive.  Yet they repel the very people they have come to heal and protect.  They are the most vulnerable of children, and require a depth of openness, understanding and compassion that other children don't.  This is not to say that ordinary children or even Indigo or Chrystal children don't need love and nurturing...of course they do.  But, caul bearer children often lack the protective layer of resiliency that other children are naturally born with.  So, yes, they do need extra care.  It is essential that they know how to connect with their Guides and Guardians of the Highest Healing Light.  They will need all of the protection that they can get, and of course, you can't be with them every moment.  They need to know that they are safe, they are not alone, no matter what.  This is critical!

If your caul bearer child is bullied at school, they need to be told that they are special people...and that ordinary children don't understand what caul bearers see.  It's not their fault.  They need to be told that in order to protect themselves, they should keep precognitions within the family, until they get older and can determine who it is safe to tell things to, and who it isn't.  As with other children, caul bearer children have to learn to "fit in" the best they can.  You may need to help them by setting up scenarios that they might encounter with other children, or have encountered and suffered difficulty with.  Pay close attention to their teacher's perception of them.  If they are perceived as having ADD, it's probably just that they don't understand what is expected of them in this strange world.  Role play with them, so that they can have a grasp on how to best "behave" in public.  To blend in.

A well loved caul bearer child will have a much better start in life than a misunderstood or abused caul bearer child will.  However, this doesn't guarantee a happy, well adjusted caul bearer adult.  Leaving the warm and loving nest of home exposes the caul bearer to a cold, hateful, and ruthless world, in which they will be faced with horrors nobody will understand...except another caul bearer.  This can break a grown child down and they will become just as vulnerable to self-loathing, drug addiction, and alcoholism.  But...when they allow themselves to come out of the downward spiral, they will have the foundation of a loving home environment to fall back upon, and with some effort, their self love will return again.

An abused caul bearer child has a far rougher road ahead of them.  They will have the ability to love others, but may never have the capability to manufacture self love.  Coupled with their need to "save the world", and the visions, ghosts, spirits, precognitive dreams, they will find themselves in abusive relationships, where even more damage is done.  If that part of themselves which comprehends the feeling of being loved has been battered to destruction...what will they have to fall back upon?  Only other caul bearers....if they can find one.  Or if they are lucky, an angelic spouse who sees the magic in them, and loves them no matter what....and will see them through the thin and thick of their traumas, crises, breakdowns, and acting out.

So...if you have a caul bearer child, be good to them.  Value them, listen to them, believe them.  Ask them questions.  They have come to you for a reason, and it's up to you to trust it.  If you do, you will never regret it!

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