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The Feel Good Place

(Please click on wolf pic for link to the First People site - Gorgeous wolf pictures)


 This is the "feel good" place...where you come by to have your spirits lifted, or maybe learn something wonderful about yourself. 


Let me know if you have a favorite uplifting link to share and I'll add it in!




  • Having One of Those Days? Well...this is from me to you...

  • These animal videos always cheer me up...animals are such a gift!

  • There appears to be an abundance of wolf spirit here in our family...our pack! These videos are in honor of the spirit of wolf...

  • If your soul aches for nature, but it isn't close by, take a walk with me...

  • When you're feeling glum, there is nothing like laughter to brighten your day...let's see that smile and hear those chuckles! C'mon, you know you wanna laugh!