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My name is Shannon Lee Wolf.  My aim with this site is to engage in real talk about what it means to be a caul bearer.  Other caul bearer sites focus on lore pointing to vampires, werewolves, soulless cults, and baseless claims.  I wanted to break the spell of the myths, and focus on the personal experiences of caul bearers, all in a safe and secure environment, free of judgment, harshness, forced belief systems, and closed minded thinking.  My forums are private, away from voyeurs bent on combative, intimidating questions and opinions.



Our Secret Garden 


You won't find any push to join any type of religion or sect here.  Bearing the veil can make you feel alone, displaced and afflicted with "gifts" that you can't openly share with anyone....except for here.  You are different in a world of average people who either fear you or attach themselves to you.  You know things that other people don't know...and mostly you hate it.  It's frightening and confusing...and there is no hiding from it. 

Even sleep -- the time all creatures are given to rest and regenerate,  can bring lucid dreams foretelling events that you don't want to know about.  But not wanting these visions doesn't stop them from coming to you anyway.  They come in daylight and in the wee hours.  You can't escape, so you find ways to cope...and for many, the chosen coping mechanisms harm you...physically, mentally and emotionally.  But at least for a brief while, you are numbed.  My aim is to offer you a haven to come to, to feel safe from a world of skeptics and the spiritually challenged.  A place where you can explore your talents, ask socially taboo questions, and offer your insights to others who are like you.

Caul bearers bear more than the shimmering sheath  commonly known as the caul, the veil, the veil of tears, or the hood, covering their heads and faces at birth.  They bear the weight of the world, and  persistent echos of the world beyond the veil.  Together, let's lift the veil of sorrow, the veil of tears, and make life shine with light, love and understanding. 

This site is for you.


The darkest hour is just before the dawn...


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