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This is the place for caul bearers to dispel caul bearer myths, to learn, connect, and heal...a place for caul bearers to call "home."


"Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery hand in hand,
For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand."

~William Butler Yeats



You're Home

If you've been searching the Web for information about being born with the caul and are weary of results that are technical and impersonal, or place you in a strange realm of Werewolves and High Orders...take a deep breath, dear soul...fix a cup of tea or coffee, sink into a comfy chair, and put your feet're finally home.  


(All membership slots are filled - You may join our new Sister-Site Caul-Bearers United Tree House, a priviate, forum-only site for caul bearers!) 


We must extend our deepest apologies to members and guests of Caul Bearers United for the sudden changes to our site.  We have received a 'cease and desist' letter from Denis McGowan of The Order of the Way Lmt. for the use of the word "caulbearer" on our site.  Robert Crosbie of The Way, has claimed "plagiarism" for the use of this ancient word to describe those born with the caul.

While we understand that the word "caulbearer", as mentioned below is not owned  by Robert Crosbie or his institution, the sole ownership of the word "caulbearer" has nevertheless been declared by Robert Crosbie's Order of the Way.  So, in order to avoid the interruption of the newly named Caul Bearers United website, we must painstakingly remove each offending word from our site, or our site will be completely removed from the internet, via Robert Crosbie's bogus claims.  This is what is known as a "DCMA 125 Attack" on our website.

Posted below is the exact contents of the letter we received from The Order of The Way, Ltd.  ...along with a pdf version for downloading, printing and/or sharing with others over the internet.

(You are still fully invited to visit all pages of our site that are open to the public, and have broken no laws in doing so...we aren't going anywhere!)


"This is the legal department of The Order of The Way Ltd. We have come to identify that your website is illegally duplicating and reproducing copyrighted content from:

  1. our websites and 

        These websites are the property of The Order of The Way Ltd,are a legally protected under copyright law      

  2. The Seven Signs, the Seven Seals and the Seven Veils, by Robert George Crosbie, ISBN 0953820602, for whom the Order of The Way has been authorised to act as agent in this joint action.

You are hereby further advised and notified that the unauthorised and unlicensed use of the title of Caulbearer, its plural form Caulbearers, is therefore plagiarism and in breach of the intellectual property rights of the above author, in whom these titles and works legally vest.

Stop duplicating our content and remove all infringing pages immediately. If you do not abide to this in the next 24 hours of this mail receipt, we will be forced to carry out legal proceedings against you. We will release DMCA complaints as per Section 512 with all major search engines and hosting providers. Should this happen, your site will be banned permanently from the search engine database and dropped from hosting.

All content and images on and is intellectual property under US and International copyright laws, and any kind of unauthorised duplication or reproduction is illegal. We demand you to stop this infringement immediately or else get ready to be sued for damages.

Denis McGowan
Legal Team,
The Order of The Way Ltd."


View document in pdf




"...he lay freshly imbued with the wisdom of the cosmos, of the sun’s roaring blaze, of the underground waters, of the earth’s soil and stone. He blinked at the cool canopy of fruit trees wavering above him. A warm mist caressed him, and silken veils fluttered in the blooming apple trees that cradled the tiny grove.  The trees were laden with blossoms, buds and firm sweet fruit.  Shee maidens sang to him, and fed him nurturing salmon and bowls of sweetened drink, then left him alone by the sweet water well."           

-From Dover Graye, by Shannon Lee Wolf

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